How to equalize the column heights

Hi there,

I am using the divi theme on this website and having issues with the heights of the columns, when changing screen sizes the columns resize themselves. I need for them to all stay the same height when viewed on desktop and tablet screen and then collapse when on a smartphone screen (the smart phone collapse works fine)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Too many divs :slight_smile:

Does reducing the padding in these 2 rules help?

.et_pb_column .et_pb_row_inner_1{padding:0}

I’m not sure I’m looking the same issues as you though :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for coming back to me. I’ve just managed to solve the issue that I originally asked about

I recognise that this solution is to get rid of some of the padding which I have now done.

Thank you for your quick response though, all solved!


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