How to enter new line automatically in new row in colum of d

infact i have lots of data in thousand line like for example

2 Kilo Of Kesselkramer
2020 Bmx
30 Luxury Homes
30000 Years Of Art
3d World
4wd Custom Guide
4wd Custom Utes
4wd Extreme
50 Of The Worlds Best Apartments
50 Something

i want that i just copy this all data and every line insert in new row of colum and give automatically id to every line
1 2020 Bmx
2 2 Kilo Of Kesselkramer

like this automaticaly create new colum where find ENter (new Line) and then automatically create ID how can i do that

get the data in a text file, then look at the mysql manual for the command
‘Load data local infile’ and run this from the command line or via a database interface such as heidisql or sql manager lite (ems) (local file means on your local pc)

you have to have set your table’s id to autoincrement of course.

which database are you using?

well that was mysql i use file() functon and then thoru foreach leach i inserted data :slight_smile: