How to enhance the customer interaction on E- commerce sites?

Gives some best tips to enhance the customer interaction level on E- commerce sites?

Hi sasirekha, welcome to the forum

What have you tried that you have been unsatisfied with?

I just share the site info on the some social sites,

I’m not convinced that a social site (i.e. a site where members “socialize”) is the best place to promote an ecommerce site. There may be a large member base, but if they aren’t in the mood to “shop” or they aren’t in your target audience I think you would be doing well to get traffic from there let alone any conversions.

Do you share as yourself, or as your business? If as your business, then they will be your target audience and you should have better results than if as “yourself”

Hi @sasirekha welcome to the forum. Do you mind explaining to us what do you mean by customer interaction level? Do you want to increase the number of visits to your e-commerce store or are you looking at getting visitors to browse more pages?

For increasing the no.of.visitors

better use social media to generate traffic for newly created eCommerce website. once your customer satisfied with your product,definitely they will search you if they try to purchase another product.
even PPC or Ad words may useful to increase traffic for your website