How to eliminate metadata of music files on android?

Im looking for a way to eliminate the metadata of the music files (mp3, mp4, etc) on my android.
I want to eliminate album sorting.
basically im looking to just pick an artist, hit play, and hear everything from that artist.

anyone know how i can do this?


Do you mean you want to remove the metadata associated with (for example) a mp3 file?

Yes. That is exactly what i want. I want to eliminate all metadata other than title and artist.

Someone else told me to simply download another music app so i can play just by artist and not album but the thing i like about the default app is it gives you a widget on your lock screen so you can easily play/pause or skip tracks. this widget is very helpful when driving. I havent found another app that has that feature.

I don’t know of any app that will do this on the fly.
You could of course use a program like Mp3Tag to remove the meta data permanently. This program also lets you batch process files, so it would be quite easy.
Or, you could do it with a scripting language such as Ruby and an appropriate library.

Not sure if this is what you’re after.

I would assume that he’s looking for a software like the one you mentioned, only that he simply wants to delete the album names.

I would assume that MP3dit could the job. It is a MP3 tag editor for Android

This sounds like exactly what i am looking for.


OK. mp3edit works great for most of my files, however there are a umber of files that still have album and other data associated with them that mp3edit apparently cannot delete.
Also i have a number of tracks that are only labeled as track 1 track 2, etc, but i have multiples of each so trying to sort thru them on the phone would be nigh impossible.

Can someone recommend some desktop software to do this task? preferably one that lets me erase album art?

and if someone tries to say itunes or windows media player or some other such program, i am going to shoot myself X{

Hi there,

iTunes is the best software to use for this …

What I meant to say was, the program I mentioned in my initial post Mp3Tag should be able to do what you want. It is desktop software.

I suppose i should have mentioned my pc is an ancient piece of shiesa, and wont recognize my droid, therefore i am forced to use my work macbook for all my phone-fixing requirements.

Thanks Pullo for your sarcasm and attempted help, but from what i saw mp3tag does not have a mac version

from what i saw mp3tag does not have a mac version

Au contraire:

Note: I’ve no idea if this software is legit, so please proceed with caution.
If you decide to give this a try, maybe consider using Virus Total to scan the download first.

Would be interested to know how you get on.