How to edit/debug my Php/laravel app on remote server with with PhpStorm

I need to edit/debug my Php/laravel app on remote server ( some external services do not work when referring local hosts )

and I found this article and moving step by step in my PhpStorm 2019.1.2
I opened tab
I have Ubuntu 18 server on Digital Ocean and in console I got access with command like :
ssh root@MNNN.NN.NNN.NN
as I have ssh keys generated.

In php storm options I do not see access with ssh keys.
I wonder how can I access my remote server with my PhpStorm 2019.1.2 I ?


You can use SFTP, which is basically FTP over SSH.

However, I would recommend downloading all files, databases, etc, and then work on it locally. Once you’re happy with the changes upload the code to the live site again. That way when you mess up it doesn’t take down the production website.


Short answer, Dont. As @rpkamp said, set up a local dev and work on it there, then publish to the server when you have it working.

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