How To Draw Rounded Corner Rectangle In Adobe Dreamweaver CS3?


Can anyone please tech me how to draw a rounded corner rectangle in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3?

Thanks so much in advance…


If you want to draw it, I’d recommend Photoshop.


I am actually creating my home page header …

I need to add links like: About Us, Contact Us, Store, Payment etc…at the header which is a rounded corner rectangle. Can i draw and put all the link in photoshop and then only import into Adobe dreamweaver?

Thanks very much

Hi Kenix

First you have to make buttons in Photoshop or Paint net (this is free to down load and almost the same as Photoshop). Save buttons and then place on web page the same as you would an image and add link.

look on you tube, on how to make buttons.

hope this helps

Be sure to have have a background transparency and save as gif or png (jpg doesn’t support transparency’s).


make the background of the round corners the same color as the background they sit on and save as whatever you like.

If you want to take the short cut for adding rounded box on your pages try this CSS Rounded Box Generator: