How to download this lovely photo?


Right Click on the image

Then select either Save image as… or Save picture as…

They have no full version where you download it,
so you have to press “Print Screen” to save it.

I think you already got the photo, but indeed it is lovely.

Do Right Click and save image were you want.

Strange how he manages to know how to setup a web account and customise stuff like a profile picture but he doesn’t know to use a simple web browser. :rolleyes:

Once you can see an image in a web browser you have already downloaded it.

very firstly open link.
then over the pic, click right and go for option “save image As” or “Save picture As”

and then you will get your work done. but my dear how is it possible that you are managing this account and you are not aware a such a simple workout. well all the best dear.

Ok I think we can safely say that this user has received many suggestions on how to save this picture in question, thanks guys :slight_smile:

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