How to do to fetching my website by Google search crawler?

I’m doing seo on company website.

Now move to create own blog website & seo for that. This website depends on Question and answers But the problem is that how to perform “SEO” on Question.

Suppose i’m adding question & answer like " How to create backlink ?"
How to google search engine Crawl my this question?

what kind of seo activity i could do?

Google should usually find and crawl a site itself given time, so long as something links to it.
But for a new site you can add it to Search Console (Webmaster Tools) to make Google aware of it and request a crawl.


Its useful info @SamA74.
Newly designed site got added with Search Console (Webmaster Tools) as well I am also performing SEO for this new site. How much time It take to get crawled and atleast 2 keywords get top rank in SEPR ?

If the site is quite small, then in my experience, it’s likely to get crawled quite quickly. If it’s large, it will take longer; Google states that they don’t necessarily crawl the entire site in one go.

As for getting top ranking for keywords? There’s no guarantee that will ever happen. It depends on the quality of your site, the quality and number of your competitors’ sites, the exact search term used, the location of the searcher…

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In my experience, when using “Fetch as Google” the indexing of new or updated content happens very quickly. Though I don’t think there is any guarantee of that.
But when a site is newly added to Search Console it can take some considerable time before you see any feedback about the site in the console.


Thank you @TechnoBear for reply me.
Now I have to maintain regular SEO activities till keywords not get top ranked. One more thing I want to ask you “What are the facts that improve the quality of the website ?”

Thank you @SamA74

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Are you looking for Google’s quality guidelines?

There are lots of factor affect to your website like web page load speed, URL structure, proper meta content, image optimisation, quality content, H1 to H5 tag, internal link structure etc.

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