How to do this?

I want to make a clickable toggle like in the screenshot attached. I am using WordPress.

When clicked on Who we are it shows the content of that column/tab/section only and similar is true for what we do.

how to do this

These are called tabs (“Who We Are” is one tab, “What We Do” is another).

Here’s a tutorial that explains how it is done:

Or you could look for a WP plugin, like this one:

I understand how tab works but they are confined within a block. The image I have attached shows Nice Who We Are Heading and the same is true for What We Do.

There no borders. Just clear headings.

Yeah, you’d need to adjust the markup and the CSS to suit your needs.
I was just trying to give you a starting point.

Why not have a go at implementing it yourself? You can always ask for help if you get stuck.

I was thinking of handling the CSS part myself but wordpress themes can get messy sometimes. Not every theme is as good.

Anywho, thanks for the follow-up.

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