How to do this: $cost$id = $_GET['cost$id'];

How can I do this so it works $cost$id = $_GET[‘cost$id’];

I need it so it pulls something like this from the url: cost1=games,cost2=tops

My form is populated using mysql.

Try this:

// $url = '';

 $cost1 = isset($_GET['cost1']) ? $_GET['cost1'] : '$cost1 - HAS NOT BEEN SET!!!';
 $cost2 = isset($_GET['cost2']) ? $_GET['cost2'] : '$cost2 - HAS NOT BEEN SET!!!';

 echo '<br />$cost1 ==> ' .$cost1;
 echo '<br />$cost2 ==> ' .$cost2;

// output
   $cost1 ==> games
   $cost2 ==> tops';


Please note that in your example the parameters are separated by a comma which should be an ampersand.

Thanks will give it a try.