How to do Keyword Research in Smart Way?

Hello Everyone, I need a help. My website is a blogging website. We
provide a blogs of different category like technology, entertainment,
tips and tricks, gadgets, social media, health tips, blogging tips, etc. But guys I’m confused that which type of keyword I target to my blogging site. Please give me step by step instructions to do keyword research on my blogging site.

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Hi friend, this q is the most complicated. You need to identify which search engine you want to promote. For my own way to do keyword research with google search engine is to sign in to google keyword planer (

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You don’t do reasearch for a blog site. You research per page or article.

The first thing you have to understand is the type of users that visit your site. Since you have so many topics, you’d probably are targetting too many people. Still, you could consider each category as a minii-site per se, and act accordingly.

That means that the topics you’ll write in that category are interesting for that particular type of public. Once you write an article, decide one or two keywords (and a keyword could be a pharse, not necesarily just one word). In reality, you chose that keyword when you started to write the article becuase that keyword will be in your title, it is the topic you’re talking about.

To confirm that’s a good keyword, use Google Adwords, as an example, to see the number of searches and the competition.

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You can’t exactly smash in keywords into a blogging site. It’s better if you focus on social media engagements rather than SEO.

That being said, this is also quite complicated, given your site’s niche - or lack of thereof. You’ll need to focus on social media as well as the quality of your content as well.

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Instead looking for a smart way you be a smart mind to perform keywords research. Must know all about niche you’re going to research, must know how and where customers looking for your products and what’s that way?

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We can take the keywords for a webpage or website with google keyword planner in smartway, even billions people are using google as a popular search engeine…

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Step 1

Think about a topic… Then visit google keyword planner tools. Type your topic and get ideas about keyword.

You will see lot’s of related keyword will be come with you. Better you can see this video for keyword research

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