How to DL pics from picasaweb?

When I want to share private pics with friends (like holiday pics), I create an album on picasaweb that can only be viewed if you know the link.
Viewing works fine.

The problem is, that there seems to be no way to download the pics when you access the album? And of course, that was the whole purpose of putting the holiday pics on there and share the album “only through link”.

I first thought the problem existed only on mobile, but it doesn’t work on my computer either. At least not when I’m not logged in.

Is that standard policy? Or do I have to change some setting ?

As usual I can’t find anything useful in the google documentation :confused:

I searched some more, and now it seems you can download from picasa web albums only if you have picasa installed on your computer?
If that’s true than picasaweb is useless for me as a means to share pictures with friends.

Is there any good, reliable alternative?

I found the setting where I allow people to DL my pics, but that makes no difference whatsoever on mobile, and on computer it now shows a clickable download link for a single pic, but clicking it gives a blank page with a grey triangle with a ! in it (opera and IE both show this). And no way of DL-ing the album either.

It works for me in firefox. If viewing an album, download only gives to option of DL to Picasa. But viewing a photo, there is an option to DL Photo, which works.

Thanks to @mawburn for the solution: instead of accessing the albums with picasaweb (a Google site), access them with Google Photos (another Google site). Same possibility to share through link, and the downloading works great, also entire albums and also on mobile.


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