How To Display Shopify Products in Wordpress Template Files

I’m trying to figure out how to connect to shopify from my wordpress custom theme and pull in the products for display. Ideally I would like to pull in all the products of a specific category as an object, then be able to loop through the array and display just the fields I need (likely just product title, price, description, img url, and link to the product t page on back on my Shopify store).

I have tried WP Shopify, but I don’t like the way it displays the products and I’d like to be able to come up with custom ways to display them anyway… like in a carousel.

I have set up an API key, token and all that good stuff.

I’ve looked at this, I’m not sure if this is what I want, but can’t seem to get it to work anyway

Any good tutorials with example code on how to simply connect to shopify, and grab collections and products? I’ve been searching and can’t find anything that easy to understand.

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