How to determin kind of platform forum is running on?

How can i know what the Platform of the forum is VBB or Xenforo?
And how can i know what the Platform of the website?

I dont know what you mean by ‘flatform’. Platform?

The type of forum should be indicated somewhere on the page, if not directly then in the terms and conditions or registry information.

As far as a random website? No way to know for sure really, though if you lookup the domain via whois, and the registrar is a hosting company, you can make reasonable guesses based on that.

My mistake, sorry.
i was lookup the domain via whois but can’t find what platform is that. Can you tell me another way?

Well if you’re referring to that link you put in your first post originally, you should probably already know considering your icon is the same as theirs. I’d contact your IT department to ask them.

If, for some reason, you’re not affiliated with them but using their icon because reasons, if they’re using a hosting company, you can make a reasonable guess on their platform based on what the hosting company offers - if the host only offers windows/apache/php services, there’s your answer. If they offer a range of options you may be guessing, other than the HTTP software, which is carried in the “Server” header tag of most http request-responses.

You can use to find out what technologies a site is using, or “View source” should give you basic information.


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