How to deploy Laravel + ReactJS

I started learning Laravel 5.8 and before I learned ReactJS. In the Laravel + ReactJS tutorials no one showed what are the steps to deploy the whole project.

In ReactJS + NodeJS I know that you have to do npm run build and the files that are created, after running this command, in the dist folder, you have to upload on the production server from your computer.

I bought some space on a php/mysql server, where I have cpanel, but in the same time I can use FileZilla to upload files.

So I pushed, using FileZilla, all the folders and files on server, but doesn’t work. If I run in the browser the project, I get all folders. This is a screenshot for what I get.

Please someone tell me what steps to follow, to deploy the React + Laravel project, from my computer on the sever?

i bet the domain must be set to the “public” directory.

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