How to delay the loading and rendering of selected assets


How can I delay the loading and rendering of selected assets in wordpress beyond the initial rendering of the loaded page. With Assets I primarily mean:

  1. JSON (Lottie) files
  2. Images
  3. Self hosted Videofiles
    I do not mean a general “Lazy loading” of a specific file type. I mean really selecting a specific file and loading and rendering it after the rest of the page has been rendered in the browser.

And is there a way to easily set “Fallback”-Versions to load first (with all other content) and then be exchanged after the corresponding big assets have loaded.

Are you aware of the AmpProject?

Quite some time ago quite a few leading developers introduced a GitHub project to decrease mobile rendering time. Soon after Google adopted the scheme and added free image CDN caching and also preferential treatment for valid AmpProject webpages. Many large organizations have been using the scheme such as BBC and New York Times for a number of years. Wordpress now has AmpProject addons which eases development problems.

Hi John,

thanks! I´ll have a look!

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