How to Cut or Cross (Mark as Mistake) the Written words in HTML

I want to know how we can mark or denote as mistakes with our written words by crossing the words instead of removing or deleting? I’m also not sure that how I should explain, what I want to be answered? hope someone will understand.

You mean this kind of thing?

If so, use the <s>text here</s> tags in HTML.

Looking for this?

Usage Note: As with all purely styling elements, <strike> has been deprecated in HTML 4 and XHTML 1, and obsoleted in HTML5. If semantically appropriate, i.e., if it represents deleted content, use the <del> instead; in all other cases use a <span> element and style it with the CSS text-decoration property, with the line-through value.

If you mean here, you can use the bbCode [s]whatever[/s]

put a line through this

*Note, the above in the mark-up is

<span class="bbcode-s">put a line through this</span>

using the <del> tag to mark the text as removed is probably more semantic for this than using <s> which looks the same (if you don’t style it) but which does not indicate that the text should be considered to be a mistake or old version of the content.

There is also an <ins> tag for marking the text that has been inserted to replace the mistake.

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If you are talking about html then as felgall says above the del and in elements are made for marking up edits to the text in a document.

Thanks all. I have gotten the exact answer, for which I was looking for.

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