How to crush my rankings?

I know that there are a lot of SEO tactics that I can use to increase my web rankings, but which is the best tactics that can crush my rankings? My website is Travel field.

“Crush” your ranking? I’ve not come across that term before. Do you mean you want your ranking to go down?

If so, either use robots.txt to block all the pages on your site from search bots, or add a noindex meta tag to each of the pages.

If that’s not what you meant, please clarify your question.


Yep, robots.txt file Check out what google has to say:

Hi Kara Kinson,
The Best SEO Tactics to increase your SEO rank are tagging your articles and keyword analysis. You want to make sure your headlines must be descriptive. You should also choose keywords that people are going to look for, so imagine yourself as a searcher.

Follow SEO tactics and tricks. You can drive a great traffic on your site. Mostly Bookmarking, Article submission and Forum Posting will well goes to crush your rankings in high level.


Please note
Kara Kinson is not asking for ways to improve rankings.

There are already more than enough threads dealing with how to improve rankings.

Please only make posts as to what might result in a detriment to rankings. eg. copied content, SPAM, or whatever.

If you want to improve your rankings, you should have related sites backlinks for your website.

Crush means what ?Do you want to degrade your current ranking?
And you want to go through proper strategy to promote your site then its better to maintain proper quality backlinking to be ranked in min time.

I think it’s clear that none of us understands what Kara means by “crushing” her rankings. There’s no point in speculating about this, and since she hasn’t been back to the forum since posting her question over two weeks ago, there’s probaby no point in continuing this discussion.



@Kara_Kinson; if you want this thread reopened, let me know and you can make a post clarifying why you want to know how to make your ranking go down.