How to create this non-editable Word Document

i found this Word Document off the net. I uploaded to my site and you can view it here;

When you open up the file, you’ll notice the creator cleverly created the file so that we can input info into those gray shaded boxes but can’t delete any of the other information such as the questions asked.

I wanted to do something similar to this for Word. I usually have my eforms done via Adobe Professional but I’d like to have the option of having it in Word as well.

Does anyone know how this is done?

Simple, you just load MS Word, then Tools -> Protect Document (Forms). Make sure you put Text Form Fields where you want users to enter their data.

amazing how simple that was. i asked two secretaries and neither could figure it out.

but when i created a new text form field and tried to protect the document, it would no longer allow me to do so. did i miss a step?

Hmm don’t think so, after putting a text field, I was able to protect it just fine. Maybe it needs to be a certain kind of text field, like specifically for names, addresses, etc…