How to create sitemap

hi everyone,

can u please tell me that there is any posibility to create two sitemaps for one website…i have one website like ( )…i want to create two site maps like sitemap.xml,stemap1.xml

Yeah, it’s possible, although you should then list each sitemap file in a sitemap index file.
This page will help you:
Especially the bit on index files:

As to how to create them. You can do it either by hand or using a free tool:

how to write multiple sitemaps into single main sitemap…is there any need to add those all sitemaps into root directory (or) add only main sitemap.xml into root directory

thnks Pullo…thnks for ur suggestions…i have a question…is must and should to add all sitemaps into root or else main sitemap

I don’t think it matters, but put it this way: it wouldn’t hurt.
If I was you, I would just create one, name it whatever, and submit it to all the main search engines.
You can also direct the search bots towards it using robots.txt
Again, check out the protocol:

there is a reason to asked that question…i am creating that sitemap.xml dynamically using php oops…but the size of the file exceed more than 10mb…we can upload sitemap with only 10mb…

u said there is no need of sitemap if i use robots.txt right??

Okay, I see.

Not quite. You can add an entry to robots.txt which would advise search bots of the location of your sitemap index.
This means you can call it what you want and store it in a different location than your site root.

ok Pullo…thnks for sharing your knowledge with me…see u

hey i have one more doubt regarding about uploading…present i have 4 sitemaps… i divided sitemap into 2 parts and those are put into one main sitemap(totally 3 sitemaps)…because this is dynamically creating sitemap.xml file thats y iam dividing into 2 parts…and another sitemap i used for dispalying what are the urls avalible in mysite…

i dont knw which one upload into google for crawling and indexing my site…can i upload 4 sitemaps into google

If your site has multiple sitemaps of the same kind, join them under a sitemap index and submit that one, not each individual sitemap.

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It’s better to start a new thread for this, or just ask Google:’s+a+good+keyword+density