How to create php login with 3 fileds?

I need to create Login script
with 3 fields

  1. Username or Email
  2. Password
  3. User group drop down selection
    [there are 5 usergroups. webmaster ,Admin, Agent, Customer, staffs]

Webmaster can access everything, all other have limited access to main Admin panel and Agent could only access his profile and his entry. Customer can access to modify only his

Thanks for this

its ok too. But plz help me create it go to different pages for different groups.

It sounds like you want someone to do all the work for you.
I’ve not been registered here long, but why would anyone want to write all the code for you, for free?
That means you’ll learn nothing, not know how to fix it if something goes wrong, or upgrade it in the future and you’re being lazy, too.

You dont want the group to be a dropdown.
You want the group to be read from the database.

switch is probably what you’re looking for, if the pages to be constructed are completely different from one another.