How to create photo gallery in PHP with sql db

how to add galleri photo box in webpage with next and prev button?
and the images takes from my db folder and specific id record

i’m newbie in php

With PHP you could add pagination. (which IMHO you should)

But I have a feeling you’re looking more for JavaScript here.

Yeah right need .js to build the slideshow,
but how to combine .js with sql query for load the images based id record?
do you have an example for create it?
Thanks b4

Not of those three things offhand, but there are many examples that can be found by Searching

  • PHP pagination
  • JavaScript gallery

The SQL might vary some depending on how you do the other

What I have done in the past is the javascipt usually has a list of images. You build the list with php/sql query and format it into the list.

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