How to create directories under a WordPress install for categories of pages?

I didn’t quite know how to word the subject of this thread.

It can get rather confusing given that WordPress uses it’s own version of categories (which is not what I am asking about).

What I am looking to do is create actual directories under my WordPress install (my version of categories) each of which will contain pages (not blog posts) of a particular subject.

For example I might want to create a directory containing tutorials on WordPress. So I under the mythical domain of I would have [URL=“”] with “wordpress” being an actual directory and “how-to-install” being a page name in that directory.

Now I know that I can do this by creating a page called “wordpress” and then making that page the parent of the “how-to-install” page but is there some way to create and use the “wordpress” directory WITHOUT having to create a dummy page to force WordPress to create the directory?



PS. That’s weird. My original mythical domain was w w w.d o m a i n. c o m which redirected to the domain in question. But now so does my new mythical domain. Hmm…

The easiest and more manageable way to accomplish this would be to create a custom post type which allows you to set a custom rewrite rule and more, read the following codex documentation and then the register_post_type documentation if it’s what your looking for.

I read both and it’s still not clear John (despite my being very familiar with PHP, CSS, and all manner of other such things). I mean it certainly seems easier to create a dummy page as I mentioned in my original post but I’ll read both pages again tomorrow and see if I can make heads or tails of it.

Thanks for your input!


There is a ton of tutorials on Google that can help you make sense of creating a custom post type

Thanks Chris! I don’t know why I called you John LOL.