How to create different template designs for different pages in WordPress

Hello, OK please see this site.

Now check the pages under SERVICES and the pages under OUR STAFF.

This page has a different layout than this page

So how can I achieve that? I am thinking to make the theme like a template to be sold in a marketplace.

Thank you.

Edit: 1) Is it possible to design the page layouts without any page builder? I would like to do it without a page builder.

  1. Also what is the best and easiest way to style those pages?


I visited those links but it’s not obvious to me what you mean with different layout?

It’s clearly the same theme with the same layout, just the different display regarding what content is on the page. Like also in CONTACTS and SCHEDULES. Those differ in content and some style accordingly, as I see it anyway.

The links aren’t working for me.

But yes, you can definitely make different page templates if you are building a custom WordPress theme.

Say, for example you want a page with two columns and a page with three columns. Use page.php as a base, make copies of it and call them page-two_column.php and page-three_column.php.

At the top of each page you declare the template name. For example, <?php /* Template Name: Two Columns */ ?> or <?php /* Template Name: Three Columns */ ?>. These template names will show up in the template list in the edit area of the page you are adding.

Of course the code in the page would have to reflect what kind of layout you want, and you may have to make special use of the loop to achieve this.

When you make a page in the admin area, just select from the list of templates at the right hand side of the edit area to choose your layout.

Each template will have a special body class that you can hook onto when you style the page in your CSS stylesheet.


The link goes to the Wordpress template “Durant” id:58991 at

But how to find it there when the posted links doesn’t work is hopeless, but occasionally the links work. Maybe a issue?

I don’t think so. I get “You Browser Working - Boston Cloudflare Working - Host Error”
i.e. “info” vs. “ld-wp”

In any case, the solution is to do as WebMachine posted and use different templates for different pages.

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Thank you to Everybody and I am so sorry… I apologize for the trouble to you all. Yes the server was down.

Here is the links again.

WebMachine, I understand the template part. Now let say while creating pages, I selected “Page Col 3” from the right side dropdown. Now how will I format the content will specific styles as shown in these pages?

Thank you.

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