How to create an HTML & CSS option form with image?

Hi, I have been blogging a few months. Now I would like to create HTML & CSS option form with my image which I will use my blog home page. But I don’t know how to create it. So please help me.

Hi, Your question leaves too much to guessing and no clues.

Can you post a picture of what you want to achive, and then explain how you want it to work?


What platform are you using for your blogging?

This forum is a place for discussion and for helping others if they get stuck with something that they are working on. It is not a place where members do free work for others. There are lots of tutorials on the internet on how to create forms, such as (I’m not necessarily recommending that one. It was just one of the first ones that came up when I Googled “html and css form”.) Try one, and then if you get stuck, post your code and ask for help here. There are many members who would be happy to lead you through the process, but not to do all your work for you.


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