How to create an eye-catching logo?

Hello friends, I got a free logo design software yesterday. can anyone teach me how to create eye catching logo?

Hi @totto26, and welcome to the forums.

I’m not sure anyone can teach you how to design a logo - although I’d be happy to be proved wrong. My suggestion would be to look at other companies’ logos, and decide whether or not you like them. Then try to work out what it is that makes a logo appealing to you (or not) and use that as a basis for your own experimentation.

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I agree with @TechnoBear and some people are good at logos and designs and some like me are not :disappointed:

I would search Google as there are probably some useful videos on how to design logos that would not be easy to reproduce here on the forum.

It takes more than software.

Hire a professional.

You need someone with the education, training, and creative skills to create a truly professional, eye-catching logo.

Two miniutes with Paint. You don’t think this is “eye-catching”? :wink:


Very eye-catching; now where did I put my sunglasses?

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More like “eye damaging”!

(Luv ya!) :wink:


I need something for vomit catching!

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Yeah … reminds me of my friend, who got a metal coat hanger hooked in his eye … that kind of eye-catching. :stuck_out_tongue:


An experienced coder can do wonders in Notepad.

I wonder what a cool designer can do in Paint. :sunglasses:

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