How to create a website compatible with all devices?


I want to know How to create a website compatible with all devices? Please help.



Then use plain HTML 4.01, “all devices” is far too broad a term to give a proper answer but if you mean the big 5 visual desktop browsers then that would be the answer.

As Robert says, plain HTML is compatible with all devices. When we start to add CSS, the layout can start to work against small screens etc. If you are thinking about designing mobile-friendly layouts, have a look at these:

That is a good slideshow. If I understand. I have to use @media in CSS like these links.


Yes, @media is where it’s at these days … unless you use scripting to sniff for different devices.

Many handheld devices don’t support @media, along with poor old IE (8 and under), though, so you have to provide a fallbacks for them—such as simple page styles etc. as the slideshow demonstrates.

Thanks ralph.m

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