How to Create a PDF from DIV

Hello all,

I’m searching for a way to create a PDF-file from a part (DIV) of a page.
I checked jsPDF, but can’t find a good working example for how to use it.
I am not even sure if this is the best solution for what I am looking for.
Any ideas?

Not quite as simple as converting a part of a document(div) to a pdf.

Tools like are the closest thing to what you’re describing but will need to be run on the server, where as jsPDF is a library for creating PDF’s without HTML at all.

Very simple:

add the div id name in your url,( with ‘#’ hashbang prefixed and paste it to

There truly is a service for everything. I didn’t manage to get just a div converted using but it did turn a full page into a pdf.

Thank you guys!
But I was actually looking for a JS solution.

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