How to Create a Mobile App for my Website?


Hey all, I am running a website of Plumbing Services. I wanted to convert my website into a mobile App through which customers can get booking online by using our App. Can someone tell me how to do convert my website or create a user-friendly mobile app?


Do you have a desktop version of your website already? Can users “get booking” while viewing your desktop website? What does “get booking” mean? … involve?

Why do you need a mobile app? What would a mobile app do that a responsive site would not do? I am asking because I cannot imagine people wanting to store a plumbing app (something that they might use very rarely) on their mobile device.


The top one on the list is “React Native”.

The bottom on the list is “Cordova” or “Phonegap”

According to devs…phonegap is the worst existing framework BUT it does what you want. converts your HTML, CSS, JS into an app so you can publish it to the Play/App Stores.