How to Create A Basic Favicon For Your Website?

How to Create A Basic Favicon For Your Website?

Use your favourite graphics editor to create an icon. Make sure it is 16 x 16 pixels. Name it favicon.ico, and upload it to the root directory of your site.

That’s all there is to it.


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You can also use this online resource.

Creating a favicon is actually really easy!

Step 1: Find your image (make sure it is bold and has clear colours).
Step 2: Go to an online favicon generator and it will automatically make your favicon 16 x 16 pixels.
Step 3: Upload your favicon in which ever way you desire. There are a ton of ways to do this, by installing a plugin (if you use WordPress) or using this code <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”[noparse];[/noparse] />.

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If you are still confused, visit I recommend visiting <snip> for a complete tutorial. :cool:

They can be made larger, like 32x32, but I tend to opt for 16x16. Make sure not to just change the extension from something else to .ico, though. That won’t lead to an true .ico file. Use a tool specifically for generating the right file type, like the ones mentioned, or there’s an add-on for Photoshop, too.

You can also serve up other formats like .gif, but older IEs (and perhaps the latest?) only recognise .ico files.

These might be of interest:

Favicon can be your logo, just search for some favicon genarator, upload image and you will have favicon.

websitemedia posted one of the best generatos for favicons.

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I’m sure the OP has enough information to understand favicons and will be able to create one easily enough now.

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