How to copy other website text and url

I want to copy other website text and url using php how can I do this

I need some text only

Can you explain a bit further what you want to do and why?

Copying content from another site without permission is theft, as I’m sure you’re aware. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to do this, perhaps you could elaborate.

I want to copy Fb developer token from my website using this user will check his user I’d etc.
so I want to copy developer access token from Fb its not eligal I think…

I am unclear about what you mean by developer token.

I don’t see that listed by that name here under the token types.

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i mean api explorer this
is a testing token for developers

Are you certain you put in a correct token?

this is the token after allow api exloprer app you can see token here

I want to copy only token how can I do that…

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