How to cope with duplicate content?

How to deal with duplicate text?
I am creating a Multicity directory of business places in wordpress.

I am curious about duplication of text in posts.


A company Red chilli Sauce has multiple branch offices in multiple cities.

City1 = Two offices
City2 = Four offices
City3 = 1 office

In my scenario, I am creating each office as a seperate post because every office has different Owner, Google Map, Address, Contact No, Facebook Page etc.


Some information about the company will remain same for all the posts. eg:

What is Red chilli Sauce ?

How it works?

About Us?

This is the type of situation where duplication is inevitable unless, you create a separate article/page for the company details and add a read more link to each city’s page for further information about that company. If you concern is mainly SEO then I would suggest not indexing the sub city 's and only index the head office.

Personally, I’d go with the first option and create a new page to hold the duplicate details and add a link.