How to connect Twitter posts with Facebook? Kindly assist

Hi, I have a website with acounts in twitter and Facebook. I regularly post tweets on

I would like the same post to go to Facebook as well.

I have tried linking the two accounts (twitter and fb) so that the post is propagated to the fb page as well. However I read somewhere that linking the two accounts is not good as Facebook demotes the post that’s coming from Twitter.

What’s the best way to post articles on Twitter as well as Facebook and get response from followers? Kindly assist .Thanks!

Sounds like bosh to me, please provide a link to a Facebook documentation page that confirms this.

This topic has already been discussed here many times and there is no need to discuss it here yet again
Please Search and Read
If you then have any questions, provide detailed information,
eg. what you have tried, what you don’t understand.

I did search and it shows up nothing that shows how to best combine posts in Twitter with FB.

I would appreciate some patience and guidance.

Sorry, I forget that not everyone has luck searching.

I found these that should give you a good start.

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under twitter settings look out for profile there you will find option of Facebook connectivity,Connect with your username -It will work fine

@Alexhudson1, @unlimitedconf - please read the first post carefully, and don’t just respond to the topic title.

u2fan already knows how to link the accounts; the question is whether posting in this way is somehow detrimental, and if so, is there a better method?

Hello there u2fan. I can understand that you already know how to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and what you were trying to ask is a better way to update both accounts without letting your followers/fans know that it is only coming Facebook/Twitter and both are only synced.

I suggest that you should consider and try using 3rd party application such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Klout. After you have linked your Facebook page and Twitter let say Hootsuite for example, it will already allow you to place same update on both accounts.

Moreover, you can schedule more than one update and it will be added in queue and will be posted according to which time you have scheduled it. As for your question on how you can get response from fans/followers, you can target and schedule your updates on the best time when your fans/followers are active the most. There are several studies which shows what is the best time to post on different platforms (according to what your timezone is).

One thing of getting more response is also considering the length of each post. Note that Twitter only allows you a maximum of 140 characters and will cut the remaining exceeding characters. However, it is encouraged that you should keep your post between 70 to 100 characters to give way for indirect retweets and quoted replies. For Facebook, although it allows you to post lengthy updates, it would be best if you can keep the length to less than 80 character.

Another thing you have to look at is the frequency of post. How often should you update your social media account? Experts would say that 3 to 5 updates per week is ideal for Facebook and 3 to 5 updates per day would be great for Twitter.

Last thing to be consider is the variation of post. Fans/followers wouldn’t love if you are posting links/promotional all the time. You can also place images, videos, quote or humor in your updates (it would already depend on what is the niche of your business is).

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