How to connect Host PC and Virtual PC withoutusing LAN cable


     I am having Windows XP SP3. I installed virtual PC as windows XP SP2. HOST system is not connected with lan cable. what should i want to do to connect with Host PC and Virtual PC.


can anybody help me to resolve this issue?

Not sure that I understand your question… you say that you have a Virtual PC installed in the same machine as your Windows XP SP3? What do you need to connect… do you need to use internet? do you need to share a folder so information passes to/from any of the PCs?

What are you using to create your Virtual Machine?

The virtual environment can be set up with a virtual network connection. You would need networking installed in both places if you want the OS in the virtual PC to be able to connect over the network to the host PC (and so the host PC would need a network card If you just want to be able to access files from outside the virtual PC then you can define folders from the host PC as drive letters on the virtual PC without needing to set up networking.

thanks molona for the response. what i need is find by felgall. i want to transfer the data from my host PC to Virtual PC without connecting with LAN cable. can you assist me pls.

hi Felgall once again thanks for the response. i want to transfer the files from my host PC to Virtual PC without connecting with LAN cable. can you assist me please.

Look for a setting in the VM networking where you can choose “bridged” networking. Bridging the network will put the VM nic on your local network as if it were an actual machine on the network. Once you do this and the firewalls are set correctly your VM should show up in the host network places and you can drag & drop files between them. Assuming the VM and host are one and the same machine you won’t need any physical lan cable.

One of the reasons that I asked you which software you use to create your virtual machine is because there different methods to do what you want. You can do what @Doug_G; suggested or you can create a folder that you pc and the virtual machine can share. That’s what I do with my virtualBox configuation.

I have one folder where I save all the files that I want my PC and my virtual machine to see, and with an instruction in VirtualBox, I added that folder as a network drive in my virtual machine

Thanks Doug G.

Thanks Molona. today I will check the Idea of Doug and let you know about the result. thanks a lot Doug

Yaa. its working, thanks a lot all of you.

I guess that you’re talking about the “bridge”? I’m asking so people that have the same problem know how you solved it

Hey that’s great to know that you find the solutions of your problem. I am also facing the same problem but now I think that I could solve it very soon.