How to configure lite-server for index.html in sub-folder


I’ve set up lite-server as a web server for testing on my machine locally,
and I’m trying to get it to load index.html (along with my .js and .css)
from a sub-folder off of my root.

This is my ts-config.json file:

   "port": 3000,
   "files" : [ "./SEC010/*.{js, html}" ],
   "open" : "/SEC010/index.html",
   "server": {
     "baseDir": "./"
   "http" : true,
   "browser": ["chrome"]

If I change baseDir to ./SEC010, it will load the index.html from there,
but will not be able to access the node_modules folder off of my root.

Can anyone suggest the proper change to my ts-config to accomplish this?

I am also open to switching to another local web server for this (such as live-server), so long as I have an idea as to how to configure it.


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