How to compile,link and run a c programme in microsoft vusual studio 2017

hello,i am new here ,
i am starting to learn the c language,
somebody told me to use microsoft vusual studio 2017
i installed it,but i am not able to run a c programme successfully
anyone can tell me why?
my operation system is windows 7 service pack 1 ; intel(R) core ™ i7-6500U CPU @2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
and it will be greatly appreciated that anyone could show me the detailed process of compiling,linking and running a c programme.
looking forward to your any answer
thank you

If all your going to be writing are C programs, there are better options than VS2017.
That said, VS2017 does include a C compiler but I’ve only ever used it from the command line.

If you write a C program using the .c extension (somecode.c for instance) save it than open the Developer Command Prompt which should be under Visual Studio 2017 on the menu (if your using Windows 10). Once in the Developer Command Prompt change directory to the one that holds your C code.

To compile just issue the command cl and your program. For example using the previous example above;
cl somecode.c
This compiles your program into an executable.


As and F.Y.I. You may want to post your C/C++ questions in a different sub forum, perhaps the Community section to realize better responses. These forums are more geared towards Web Development areas than general programming.


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