How to compile .js files


I’m totally new to javascript world and i’d like to learn by writing simple examples and running them, my problem is i dont know how to do that, how can i compile/interpret .js files and see the results and the errors.
i appreciate your help.


You can’t compile them, it’s an interpreted language, not compiled one.

What you can do is get Chrome, press CTR SHIFT I and use the WebKit console for debugging and taking JS apart, setting breakpoints and checking how the whole thing gets executed.

Yes. Js is interpreted and can be done through any browser with javascript enabled.

If you do not have access to the script because of file-permissions, which should not be a problem because I believe for it to be executed it has to be read, anyway one can use Firefox firebug to take it apart or Google Chrome Developer tools, which I prefer. (To access them righlick and then select Inspect Element)

Hope that helped,
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P.S. Also unlike php, javascript does not need a server to be read. It can be read straight off any computer with a browser. However, in IE, when running js from a computer than the IE is running on it will ask you permission. Once the js is on a server, it will no longer do that.