How to compare two table's Field and delete data not matching

Hello everybody,

Wanto to compare two tables the have same data, but the other one caontains more data, want compare, data not matching becomes erased? how that can be, with thanks to any help

Either join the two tables and test for NULL or do a subquery for values in the second table.

Asked and answered numerous times, check the forum for exact answers.

Thanks guelphdad, i will check

Or is it possible to create a new table and select the records that matches on both tables and insert it in the new table? i have an update code which uses concat, but in case of a new records to be inserted for the first time is possible such this code i have tried which is not going well need help please

INSERT INTO newtable(Field)
SELECT Field,Field
FROM Table1.Field,Table2.Field
WHERE Table1.Field=Table2.Field

Need ideas hot adjust this code please
with thanks