How to collect business cards on Android phone?

Hi every one!
I’m having a problem. Currently I have over 500 businees cards. They are very important to me. But I do not know what to do with them. My friend saved them on the Iphone. But I’m using the Android phone. Is this is a good means to keep our business card? I would love instructions on how
I search on google to see Has anyone tried to use this software? It’s really good?

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When you get Business Card from partners, no need for keeping hard copy, Just capture and the store on Cloud server forever. This will capture fast and simple operation. Capture any time, any where by Mobile Phone through cardfila.

Many of the applications for iPhone have an Android version and/or you can find another application with the similar (if not the same) features. So basically, the very first thing I would do, if you really liked your friends application, is to see if that software is available for Android

Change an apple Iphone. I use also!

I don’t think that’s the answer. In the same way that there are good reasons for having an IPhone, there are also a good list of reasons to not get one :wink:

just upload all the important data onto your computer?