How to collect and consume news / articles

I dislike email newsletters but I’ve never really gotten an RSS feed reader + feeds list that I enjoyed using. Never found an alternative, really. Any thoughts?

  • Email: too disjointed, too easily ignored, all news isn’t ‘together’
  • RSS feeds: No readers I really enjoy using, not all good sources have RSS
  • Twitter: I use Twitter now, but it’s a habit that’s hard to force and it’s too fast moving to be a reliable source of articles and such like a newsletter would be.

Any suggestions on improvements (feed readers, etc) or a different way to consume news / articles / etc?

I use an app called Pocket to collect articles I come across for later reading.

It has a Chrome extension which lets me save any article I think might be interesting, and add tags for categorizing. The app itself is installed on my tablet, which presents me with a nice searchable list of all the articles I saved and formats them for easy reading.

There are quite a few news aggregation sites around such as which collects stories in a wide range of categories.

I have Pocket, but I don’t use it appropriately. My only issue with it for this sort of thing is that it’s more of an active collector, it doesn’t also have a passive mode that’s collecting articles (like RSS or email newsletters would). Suppose it’s possible to Pocket → Feedly, or something? Still doesn’t seem perfect, but better than just wandering around the net trying to remember where to look :smiley: