How to choose a reliable hosting?

Hello mate,

Hope everyone here is doing well. Myself recently build a new website. Right now I am thinking to for a host. So which host should be better for me. My monthly budget is less than $10 for hosting.



Nobody can decide that for you, and we don’t even have sufficient information to make any kind of useful suggestions.

I suggest you look at this SitePoint guide to choosing a hosting company, which will help you to decide what you need. If you then have more specific questions, feel free to post again.


If you are newbie then better try out SSD shared hosting to host your website. Also Business hosting would be appropriate according to your budget constraints.

How much does it cost per month? I have only limited budget like $10.

I will try there. Thanks!

You can get shared hosting fitting your budget below $10.

You can prefer shared hosting which is cheap in price. You can Google it for several hosting service providers and go with suitable one.

Yes, you can. That will give you some of the hosts available, but it won’t actually help you CHOOSE. The article given in post #2 above WILL help you to choose between the various suppliers.