How to change logo's link URL?

Perhaps this article will help.

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It looks like you have fixed it now. The link has the correct URL.

<p><a title="Tutoring Solutions" href=""><img class="pull-left" src="/images/logo.png" alt="" /></a></p>		
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Because I’m a genius :slight_smile: Mozart of web design and Joomla :slight_smile:
I solved it myself by going to PHPMyAdmin. There I chose my site’s db. Went to SEARCH. Ran a search for “logo” in all tables. Found it in table “modules”. Edited the info there and saved it. That’s it! Before all that, I grepped in Ubuntu terminal window all my site’s folders and didn’t find it there… with this command:

xxx@xxx:~$ sudo grep -Ril “” /var/www/