How to change logo's link URL?


I recently bought a new domain and transfered my old site’s files to it. It’s all nice, but the logo still points to the old site. How can I adjust it? Here’s my new site home page and the logo is in the upper left corner (blue colored with a book image in it)

How was the site created? CMS, hand coded, something else?
It should be simply a case of going in and editing the URL in the href attribute of the link on the logo.


CMS Joomla… I just don’t know how and where to do it. Which file to edit or maybe a table in db… The code of the logo I have an access to in template’s settings is this:

<p><img src="images/logo.png" alt="logo" width="193" height="40" /></p>

I don’t know… maybe here I could add that href attribute you mentioned?

The code you post doesn’t have the link that points to the old site.

The code you need to change can be found in the page’s source if you press Ctrl+U in your browser:

<p><a title="Ассоциация репетиторов" href=""><img class="pull-left" src="/images/logo.png" alt="" /></a></p>		

The href in that code should have been pointing to the root of the site, like: href="/", and then this problem would never be when the site was moved.

You have an admin panel where you can edit the page, edit the logo to dynamically point to the root of the site it is on:
href="/" points to the root index file of the site it is on. It is called dynamic because it doesn’t contain the domain in the URL, it only points to the root of current domain.

Compare the logo image src src="/images/logo.png" that is dynamically pointing to a folder named images in the root of the site.
The same but fix image src would have been: src=""

In admin panel WHERE?

That’s a good question!

It’s a decade since I used Joomla but you’ll land in the admin panel/dashboard when you log in as admin.

The you go to the pages section and the header of the index page. There you’ll find the logo and can edit the link it has in the html.

You should have a Joomla control panel and most likely a hosting control panel.

I don’t have a hosting at all. I run the show completely. Why would I need hosting? Dedicated server and pay nothing :slight_smile:

In Joomla admin panel I don’t have a way to edit the logo. I just have an access to a Custom HTML module in which the PNG image is and this code attached to it:

<p><img src="images/logo.png" alt="logo" width="193" height="40" /></p>

What is the file name of the module?

You need to find the file that is “include” in the index template. I think the name could be something like “header-outlet” or “header” php.

It’s not a file name in Joomla, it’s the module named in “Module Manager”. It’s called Logo
I think all the settings are in /templates/jp-x2/layouts/template.php file

And that module has the logo code you posted:

<p><img src="images/logo.png" alt="logo" width="193" height="40" /></p>

Then you need to find another module that has the code found in the browser

<p><a title="Ассоциация репетиторов" href=""><img class="pull-left" src="/images/logo.png" alt="" /></a></p>

and edit it to be:

<p><a title="Tutoring Association" href="/"><img class="pull-left" src="/images/logo.png" alt="Logo" /></a></p>

The dynamic URL href="/" is pointing to the site’s root, exactly the same as the absolute URL href="" would do.

That code doesn’t come from a module. It’s either from some php file or from a db

Then search for the modul/file/any where that string found in the browser source you want to edit is included from.

That’s what view-source showing me… doesn’t help much :frowning:

It doesn’t help me to know WHAT TO DO to change it… It’s just some output code…

…that has been put together by the CMS using a template with includes for that header content.

I think you need to explore the Joomla admin options more and find where that output is put in the page top section and where the code is fetched.

I think you’re on you own to find out how Joomla handles this. Unless a Joomla expert can step in. :wink:

How did you do this? How did you copy the database?

Easy… Export – Import in PHPMyAdmin… If I only knew in which table the site URL is…