How to change e-mail

In my profile i see next to my e-mail “Email can be updated at your Sitepoint profile page. Never shown to the public.”

Good but on profile tab there is no such option. So what is the URL under which to change my e-mail.

Hi postcd,

First you go to to your Premium account:

Then click the Account button rightmost in the nav.


Or manually from home page…

Login : Account : Profile and settings
Change your email address by overwriting the old one then press Save changes
email confirmation link will be sent to new email address - click on that link

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Yes, i have modified it and confirmed new e-mail before 15 minutes and i see new e-mail, but the old e-mail is still in my profile settings.

Please explain…
Have you logged in again with new credentials…
Because I have just done this and it worked perfectly

@kerry14 you are right, i had to manually logout/login and now i see new e-mail. SOLVED thank you


@postcd - Happy to help mate :grinning:

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