How to call one controller method from another controller in angular java script?

When I try to call one controller method from another controller in the angular Java script, But here occur error. I think something is missing there. If anyone has the complete method for to do this, give answer me.

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Some code would help - so we can see what it is you are trying to do and what might be stopping it from working.

Thank you, But I got Solution for that ,


Without seeing the problem in context it’s difficult to say for sure, but that’s almost certainly not a good idea. If you’ve got logic that needs to be shared between controllers, I’d put it into a service which can be injected into the controllers that need it.

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One possibility would be to have controller A broadcast an event down the root scope, and controller B listen to that event to call the desired method. But as @fretburner says, it’s probably better to have that method in a service in the first place.

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