How to build web accessibility portfolio without any work experience

I need some help, folks.

I’m a junior web accessibility specialist and currently I’m building my portfolio, basically from scratch. But because I don’t have any experience(one project for non-profit as web-developer, and some other non-profit things that are not really related to web accessibility), I have serious doubts of how to make this right, so potential client/company won’t think something I am not.

The thing is, the only way I may come up with is… critics :slight_smile: Otherwise I will have to do the work for them - and obviously that’s a noway. But on the other hand, critics(even though are a good thing to improve something) are taken mostly bad. And for that reason I’m afraid I’ll become some arrogant in eyes of a potential client/company, and obviously I won’t be taken as one to hire/work with.

With this in mind, how should I build my web accessibility portfolio without any work experience so far? Should I critic the current websites that are suppose to be accessible, but actually are not? Or perhaps there’s some other way to show my web accessibility skills without revealing much of pain points of the criticized subject?

Thanks, and I hope you could help me around with this.

I think I would create a site showing some example accessibility practices and how they are used. You could either show some good and bad practices within the example or have a separate section. Having some good examples as well as bad would be better and I would think the way you write would have an effect on the way you are perceived.

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Thanks, Rubble, but I think I will target the wrong audience if I’ll use examples of accessibility practices and show off some techniques etc.

What do you mean by the way I’m writing? Can you elaborate it please

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