How to build a Wiki?

I have a client who is an expert on a specific city in the country with a lot of historical significance. He wants to create a wiki that has functionality like traditional wiki but also with editor based controls to keep out spam. He wants to allow the community in this city to be able to contribute like you would at the original wiki.

He wants it on Wordpress. It needs to have very good support for imagery (not text based more like a traditional encyclopedia).

I have looked at the 20 or so themes that exist out there currently and most appear to be either outdated, no longer supported, etc. I have not found the “mac daddy” and thought I would check in with you all to see if you have created wikis for clients and or what you would suggest. TIA.

Insisting that he uses WordPress for a wiki seems like tying one hand behind his back. Why not use software that is specifically designed for wikis? There’s a good list here.

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