How to Auto Crop PNGs in Automator?

Hi! I have a batch of images, about 100 in total, and would like to crop them from the center and resize. I’ve been using Automotar on my mac to do functions like renaming files and converting image types and I’m certain I can also crop a batch of images. The problem is when I do this with PNG files that have a transparent background the final outputted images no longer retains the transparency.

So I have a group of images that look similar to this:

And after running the Workflow that crops the images I get something like this:

Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue or would know how to solve this so that I can crop a batch of transparent PNG files and retain the transparency?

You can try Imagemagick - I belive you can install it on a mac.

Have you considered creating a droplet?
If the cropping is not particularly “smart” , that is if all you are dong is trimming the unused transparent area, then you could just do a PS Action that that trims and saves ( since the save is saved int he same format as the file… you should not have any issues. After you create the action you can creat a droplet from it, that way you dont have to repeat it 100 times!

Aside from that , I would suggest checking your matte settings.

Thanks for the tips. It turned out that I had to do some other edits to the images so I decided to use After Effects - also worked well for exporting the TIFFs as a PNG sequence.