How to attract customers through my blog?

Hi Everyone!
My blog:
I want to promote this blog to my customer, please help me!
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Do you mean that you want to encourage your existing customers to read your blog? Rather than using your blog to attract new customers?

Yes! I want using my blog to attract new customers, how i do?

If you’re new to SEO, I suggest you start by reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. That will give you some good, basic advice to get you started.

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Thank you very much! I love you!

Glad I could help.

Hmm… It hink you should to define the final goials for you business and then you should develop the marketing plan - what channels of driving traffic to your site will be the best. And then you should be guided by this strategy… If there is SEO channel, you should optimize your site in the most delightful way to receive mire benefits…

Hmmm’ i think TechnoBear your technique is good for promoting blog to customer because i can also use this kind of technique. And thank you for sharing this kind of information.

If you have existing website then you can add a blog section in that.

I personally suggest to buy a domain & hosting rather than using free blog website.
Because the private website get maximum exposure as compare to free hosting website in search engine.

Also focus on content make sure that your content is customer oriented, add some valuable information and example to make your content more worthy.


Forum posting is good way for free blog promote. But if you want to get more visitor then you should try paid system.Email marketing, backlink, paid ad would be best. And fiverr will best for get promoter.

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[quote=“Asadullah, post:10, topic:205338”]
Forum posting is good way for free blog promote.
[/quote]Forum posting is pretty pointless unless your aim is to add something worthwhile to a discussion or share something of genuine interest. If your contributions are good, people may become interested in you and want to visit your site. If you are posting with the sole intention of promoting your site, you’re unlikely to get any traffic as other members will recognise your intentions. (You may also be banned from the forum, of course.) Reputable forums such as this one mark external links as “nofollow”, so forums will not get you backlinks. Additionally, Google gives little weight to links you place yourself, so even if they are not nofollow, they will be of little value.

I think you may have misread the question. @maylacho is not asking how to promote the blog, but how to use the blog to gain more customers.

Produce quality content, and try to enhance the overall layout of the website. Once you are done with the on-page optimization, then you can do off-page. You can start by participating in forums discussion that has a direct relevant to the product or service that you promote. Be careful on doing such step so that you won’t be tag as spam.

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