How to applogoize for RFP?


I’d like to ask about the best way through which one can respond to an RFP ? We currently have a load of projects in the upcoming period and cannot commit to the project in the upcoming days ? Does, this look like a good and professional reason ? What would be the correct format to respond with?


There’s NOTHING wrong with declining a request. All you have to say is that after reviewing their request your team doesn’t have the current availability to meet their needs but you hope they consider you again in the future. Done.

One of the best learnings I’ve had working [on the client side] is to listen to agencies that say no. There’s always a reason… sometimes it’s schedule but often it’s my expectations, which then get changed.

Declining the opportunity to work with a good client is a sign of a growing company, and is nothing to hide or be apologetic about. You are positioning yourself for future business with this client if you do it right.

Just explain to that client that:

  1. You appreciate their interest in you

  2. You are excited about the prospect of working with them

  3. You are committed to quality and to the satisfaction of your clients

  4. Unfortunately, you are concerned that taking another client right now may compromise that quality/satisfaction. This is because you have quite a few projects scheduled in the near term and, and you won’t compromise client satisfaction by taking more work than you can delivery successfully.

  5. Tell them that you regret any inconvenience, and that you hope that you will work together soon.

Then, try to give them a ball park idea of when you’ll be free again. You never know - maybe they’ll wait, or maybe they’ll try another vendor that will screw it up and come back to you!